Our People

What makes Nevada Muay Thai a great place to train? The people. group_6


We have a vibrant and growing kid’s program, ages 6-14. We not only give the kids a solid Muay Thai foundation, we also focus on character development including accountability, discipline, commitment, structure, respect and honesty. We approach our kid’s program with intentionally to build relationships with the kids and their families. We believe it is a great honor and opportunity to be involved in the lives of our kids and we don’t take this role lightly. Every class includes warm up, technical training, word of the week and how we implement it in our lives (discipline, respect, etc), and the younger kids (below 10) engage in a team building game. Every class is always filled with laughter. 

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Our Muay Thai program for adults is geared toward anyone that wants to learn REAL Muay Thai. Some days are tougher than others, but if you stick around, you will be the owner of a proficient skill set that will enable you to defend yourself outside the gym, or succeed in the ring and cage.

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